The Ultimate Guide to Relocating to Costa Rica

vista aerea de casa buena vista

The Ultimate Guide to Relocating to Costa Rica Imagine waking up to the sounds of tropical birds chirping, surrounded by lush greenery and breathtaking views of the ocean. If the idea of trading your hectic daily routine for a peaceful life in Costa Rica sounds like a dream come true, then this comprehensive relocation plan […]

Clean Architecture in Costa Rica | Aurea Designs

Architectural Design Can Help Keep People Safe The appearance of COVID-19 has been devastating. The disease has prompted many governments the world over to require citizens to wear protective gear like masks or face shields to help limit the spread. While these methods can help, how we design our spaces can also be hugely beneficial […]

Barefoot Luxury Design in Costa Rica

Are a true eco-vacation and luxurious, resort-like surroundings mutually exclusive? Not in the world of barefoot luxury design. We are incorporating simple, yet elegant elements to create luxury accommodations with a down to earth feel, stepping away from the over-the-top opulence found in many big-name luxury resorts and instead focusing on simplicity and comfort and […]

Why Residential Interior Design Is Important

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Why Residential Interior Design is Important Believe it or not, how you decorate your home has an effect on how harmonious you feel in your own space. This is just one reason that residential interior design is important.   People the world over are so stressed that the World Health Organization has classified stress as the […]

Living the Costa Rica Pura Vida Life

Living the Costa Rica Pura Vida Life Meaning “pure life,” pura vida life is the slogan of Costa Rica, or at least the country’s collective philosophy.  This laid-back attitude is one of the main characteristics that draws many expats to the country in the first place wanting to experience the pura vida life.  This concept […]

The Power of Collaboration: How Clients Can Inspire Designers

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The Power of Collaboration: How Clients can Inspire Designers Have you ever wondered how clients can play a crucial role in inspiring designers to create outstanding work? The power of collaboration between clients and designers goes beyond just providing feedback – it can ignite creativity and drive innovation. In this article, we will explore how […]

Why a Professional Interior Designer is Important

Most people have probably heard of interior decorating. Maybe, if they don’t know what it is, they simply assume that interior decorators are responsible for choosing pleasing colors palettes, arranging furniture and picking out paintings and other wall adornments. Easy peasy, right? But a professional interior designer is much more than that. Then upon hearing […]