Interior Designer's Guide to Decorating in Dominical, Costa Rica

As an Interior Designer in Dominical, let me give you some advice on how to put together your next project.

Looking for a beautiful small town with a relaxed vibe? Sleepy little Dominical in the South Pacific area of Costa Rica is just the place. 

From the people you see at the “eco feria” every Friday morning to all the local restaurants, everything breathes the same chilled-out, “don’t worry be happy,” vibe. 

Seriously! In Dominical, Costa Rica, there is nothing to worry about.

Drone photo of surfers in the waters of playa Langosta Beach

A Blossoming Town

Most of Dominical’s unique vibe comes from the people. People all over the world come to vacation in this little gem and some even decide to make the “move” and change their address to this unique town. 

Because of this, Dominical is one of the hottest developing areas and there is a lot of construction going on. However, there are very strict restrictions to keep developers under control and keep the development in balance with nature. This will ensure that Dominical stays the natural jewel it is for a long time.

TV room area design for beach condo in Quepos
Terrace Design for Luxury Villa in Manuel Antonio

The Challenges of Interior Design in Dominical

Taking on an interior design project in Dominical can be quite a challenge without the right assistance. Convenience is one of the sacrifices you have to make to live in a small town. Everything — and I mean everything — comes from outside. 

From tiles to light fixtures to bed sheets and towels, you can’t find anything that would be the right style or quality locally.

But don’t worry, the project becomes significantly easier with someone who has the necessary knowledge on your team. 

Contemporary kitchen design for beach condo in Quepos
Natural wood custom made dining table for beach villa in Manuel Antonio

My Streamlined Interior Design Process

When I work with clients in Dominical, and the same in Manuel Antonio, we bring everything the project requires from the city. I’ve worked with vendors for over 10 years who can manufacture exactly what is needed. The rest of the items I get from my favorite stores in San Jose. 

Then, I carefully arrange the logistics so everything is ready at the same time. We load up one big truck to bring everything out at once. In a day or two, we are finished with the installation and the home is ready for the client’s inspection. 

Notice I said “we” there? That’s because I’m always on-site for the installation. I make sure that everything gets done correctly. Curtains that are too short or crooked photos hanging on the wall are not acceptable in my projects. 

I love to oversee every little detail because my work is in the details as much as in the whole picture. Plus, I enjoy every bit of it! 

Master Bedroom design at villa caimito
Enjoying the fruits of my labor on a terrace I designed
The Final Product

Once everything is installed according to the design and looking awesome, it’s the owner’s turn. They inspect the furniture, window treatments, decor, etc to ensure everything looks good and has the right quality. 

If needed, we will make a list of anything that needs to be changed or replaced. My vendors and I handle the changes until the client is happy with the final result. 

Then, it’s time to take professional photos of a job well done, this is a very important step in all of my projects. We wrap it all up with a huge sense of satisfaction and a big smile on our faces.

So you see, interior design in Dominical isn’t that complicated after all when you have the right team!

Master bedroom interior design with reflection of the Costa Rican sunset

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