Furniture Design Project in Uvita

modern living room with custom made furniture
terrace natural wood loveseat photo by the pool

A few months ago, I had the installation for this project a little further south in Uvita.

It was a short project, in which my role as a designer was mostly about the design of the furniture. I produced the blueprints for each piece of furniture as the client requested and looked into every detail along the way, from production to installation.

Sourcing materials for the furniture is always fun for me, as it involves creativity in a more practical way. Finding the right leather for the ottomans or the perfect fabric for the sofa cushions are the kind of challenges I love to work on. Of course, in my years of experience in the field of design, I have gained a lot of great allies – vendors – who help me out and make the process much easier than when starting with no knowledge on where to find each material.

The Designing the Dining Nook

dining room photo of a project in the south pacific coast
beautiful dining room setting at Villa Romantica

The dining table and the bench were made with Cocobolo wood. Which is an exquisite exotic wood, native to Central America and Mexico. This type of wood usually has the most beautiful swirling patterns which add so much texture to any piece of furniture.

living room space photo with a reflection of the outside tropical jungle in Uvita
back photo of natural wood sofa and TV console with desk

The social area sofa and TV console were built with Laurel wood. Which is a very humble wood, used in a wide variety of products, I really love the finish it gives to the furniture and use it a lot for my designs, not only for interior design but for architectural features too.


Following, are a few images of some accent pieces, side tables and stools we did to complement and complete the design. Also made of Laurel wood and leather.

leather ottomans in living room
accent side table in natural wood in Uvita
living room desk by TV console at Uvita home
accent mirror an entry console in Uvita house
detailed photo of natural wood kitchen stools
natural wood barstools by the kitchen counter
sofa accent pillows in blue tones


The terrace furniture was designed to be functional and practical for the space. In my early conversations with the clients about this area of the house, they told me about their concern of the terrace being a bit small for the house and how they could fit the most people there. So I came up with the idea of using benches with the dining table, instead of chairs which take out more space. Also the loveseats next to the eating area, complement the terrace very nicely and overall it feels nice and cozy, instead of a crowded terrace full of bulky furniture which would not have served my clients purpose.

natural wood terrace table set in Uvita home
terrace furniture by the pool

After all the team work with my clients and vendors, the project was a total success. My clients were very pleased with the process and the furniture of course!

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