Architectural Design Can Help Keep People Safe

The appearance of COVID-19 has been devastating. The disease has prompted many governments the world over to require citizens to wear protective gear like masks or face shields to help limit the spread.

While these methods can help, how we design our spaces can also be hugely beneficial — and allow people to interact more normally. Check out how architectural design in Costa Rica can help keep people safer in closed environments.

Social Spaces for Distance, Not Isolation


The droplets that can spread COVID-19 fall to the ground quite readily. Generally, they don’t make it past 6 feet, which is the basis for the 6-foot social distancing guideline.



Thus, spaces can be designed to allow for this distance, but we don’t have to isolate people from another.

Where large groups of people need to congregate, consider creating an outdoor space. Have separate “clean” and “dirty” entrances and supply safe areas where people can put on and take off PPE.


Traditionally, we have used nonporous materials such as stainless steel in kitchens and hospitals where a high degree of cleanliness is required. These are easy to disinfect and keep pathogens at bay.



However, while COVID-19 can live only about 24 hours on porous materials like wood, it can live up to 7 days on stainless steel or plastic. Thus, more frequent cleaning is required.

Choosing the right construction materials can help limit the virus’s viability.

Air Flow

Though the droplets are typically big enough to fall quickly, it is possible for small amounts of the virus to remain suspended in the air. This is more of a risk in areas with a lot of contamination.



Providing more airflow will help clear the air of potential pathogens. Architectural design in Costa Rica usually has a lot of open windows, allowing in fresh air which is a simple solution. Of course, the weather won’t often allow for this so air filters and UV air disinfecting units are other great strategies.

Combine Comfortable Spaces with Pathogen Protection

Remember, it’s important to keep the human social connection in mind when designing spaces. Proper social distancing can help, but shutting people off from one another completely is not sustainable.



Thankfully, with a new set of design principles in mind, we can create spaces where people can congregate and enjoy being with one another while offering protections from pathogens at the same time.



We can help create a new normal that is a little bit more like our old one and keep people safe at the same time.

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