Bring the Rainforest Indoors: Nature-Inspired Costa Rica Designs

Nature is a perfect muse, wouldn’t you agree? The colors, the designs, the incredible life that is around us all provide an unending source of  interior design and decor inspiration. Many of my projects can obviously be categorized as nature-inspired interior design in Costa Rica. Can you blame me? I live in a gorgeous place and I love drawing inspiration from the beauty around me. 

Photo of an aerial seascape in a bedroom
Master Bedroom Design, all accesories were carefully thought to create a beautiful balance
master bedroom looking through the window casa mariposa
Master Bedroom view from outside the window
Photo of a blue morpho butterfly on the wall
Hall Design with a statement Mariposa wall art, nature meets design

This is exactly what the new owners of Casa Mariposa were looking for. They had just bought the place and wanted to update the furniture and add some color to the walls. Excited at the prospect of another nature-inspired interior design project, I eagerly set to work..

Living room decored with nature-inspired interior design
TV and Lounge area design with blue and nature accent pieces
living room couch in sand color with blue accent pillows
Lounge area with blue and marine inspired accent pillows to make all the interior design of the house elegant and cohesive

Casa Mariposa with photos of Costa Rica Designs

Mariposa means butterfly in Spanish. Thus, in a house called Casa Mariposa, it isn’t surprising to see butterflies and butterfly-inspired decor. On one wall, there hangs a large framed photo of the brilliant Blue Morpho Butterfly that makes its home in Costa Rica’s jungle. Smaller blue butterflies appear on the walls in other places as well.  To tie it all together, I added brilliant blue pops of color in the form of couches, ottomans, and throw pillows.

Pictures of sunsets hanging on the wall: more nature-inspired interior design
Beach photography wall art, the true Costa Rica Designs
Photo of a sloth with my little helper
Large sloth wall photography
Photos of wildlife for nature-inspired interior design
Different animal species wall art, to bring nature inside the house

Nature Wall Art

But butterflies aren’t the only jungle creatures that frolic across the walls in Casa Mariposa. Monkeys play, sloths hang from tree branches, a jaguar hunts, a brightly-colored macaw stretches its wings, and a noble toucan with its colorful bill greets visitors to the house.


Another wall portrays a set of four stunning sunsets, lending pops of brilliant, fiery orange color to the project. In one of the bedrooms, hangs a calming aerial photo of the coastline. It shows off the gorgeous turquoise waters and bright greens of our little piece of paradise here in Costa Rica. I could spend all day enjoying the various nature-themed photographs that hang in this little house.

nature-inspired interior design details in a bedroom
Bedroom Design with a beautiful photo of a monkey splashing water

Exotic Wooden Features

Gorgeous natural wood dining table
Dining room table made of 100% Cenizaro wood

Natural wood is one of my favorite materials to work with. The beautiful grain, the depth of color, and so many other attributes make it stunning in a way that manmade materials can’t replicate.

Gorgeous natural wood dining table
Amazing dining table made of an incredible wood slab
Closeup of the edge of the wooden dining table
Dining table wood grain detail
Closeup of the edge of the wooden dining table
Nature Designs, dining table wood details

A Magnificent Table

One of the big updates that the owners of Casa Mariposa wanted was a refresh of the old furniture. Of course, to tie in with the rest of the house’s nature-inspired interior design, natural wooden furniture was the logical choice.  The most stunning piece was the dining room table that we chose. Instead of squaring it off as is normal, the edges of the table were left to follow the natural flow of the tree. You can even see the “imperfections” in the wood along the edges as it was left in a somewhat natural state. The wood was polished until it shone and the strong multi-toned grain makes this table truly magnificent.

Gorgeous natural wood dining table

Patio Furniture

Wood came into play again with the patio furniture arranged to enjoy the spectacular view over the jungle. Various colors of wood come together in an almost patchwork pattern. Down by the pool, minimalist wooden lounge chairs provide a place to relax in the shade. 

nature-inspired wooden patio furniture
Custom made terrace sofa set made of teak wood

Nature-Inspired Interior Design in Costa Rica

All in all, the design of Casa Mariposa fits very well with the nature, jungle theme. Of course, the home is still luxurious and oozes the barefoot luxury vibe that I love so much. In fact, I love how well these two worlds can come together. 

As I said, nature is an incredible muse and nature-inspired interior design is definitely my favorite!

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Minimalist wooden lounge chairs poolside
Pool area with custom made sun loungers