Custom Made Furniture in Costa Rica

wooden sofa with accent pillows at villa costa vida

Custom-made furniture in Costa Rica is more than just a trend – it’s a game-changer. You no longer have to settle for cookie-cutter designs that lack character and personality. With bespoke furniture, you can style your spaces with pieces that exude your unique taste.

Plus, the functionality is unbeatable, as you can create furniture that fits perfectly in your space. No more awkward dimensions or wasted corners.

So, wave goodbye to mass-produced furniture and say hello to the world of bespoke furniture.

But since the local market for custom-made furniture in Costa Rica is scarce, you might feel your dreamy Pinterest-inspired furniture is out of reach. But it doesn’t have to be!

We are here for you at every step of the process.

The best part? We work around your budget. So, you get what you pay for.

modern living room with custom made furniture
nature-inspired wooden patio furniture


Ordering custom-fit furniture might seem confusing. But it’s not.

First, find inspiration to make your furniture dreams a reality. It could be a Pinterest board or old-fashioned tear sheets from magazines.

When you have a vision, we’ll together dive into the nitty-gritty details of furniture specs. These include the measurements, textures, colors, finishes, and little extras that make your furniture yours. We like to call it: The Blueprint.

One crucial factor to keep in mind while ordering custom-made furniture in Costa Rica is proportionality. A customized chair may look perfect in your mind, but it won’t do much good if it’s too big for your dining room. Don’t worry, though. We plan to the minutest detail. So, when you get your custom furniture, it’ll fit like a glove!

terrace natural wood loveseat photo by the pool


Seeing is believing when it comes to custom-made furniture in Costa Rica. Before your piece goes into production, it’s crucial to get a tactile sense of the finishes and textures.

It’ll help you gauge the quality of your product. And you’ll be relieved that you’re getting what you’re paying for. So, don’t leave it to your imagination. Seek samples.

material samples and color palettes


At the end of it all, your furniture will reflect you and your style. We believe in creating integral designs where form and function are priorities.

We ensure that your custom-made furniture in Costa Rica doesn’t only look good; it feels good too! So, you no longer have to try and integrate multiple specs you find in the market into a single piece and hope for it to work.

Let us help you create the perfect harmony between style and comfort. We’re here for you!