Barefoot Luxury Design at the Marina Pez Vela

entrance and front desk of the marina pez vela

Barefoot Luxury Interior Design at Marina Pez Vela Barefoot Luxury Design was the definitively the way to go at the Marina Pez Vela. One of the main tenets of good architecture and interior design is the ability to draw people in. Obviously, for the new visitor center at the world-renowned Pez Vela Marina here in […]

Master Bedroom Interior Design Renovation

Master Bedroom Interior Design Renovation In this Master Bedroom Interior Design Renovation, the main request from my client was to bring some life, color, and texture to their bedroom. They felt the room was too flat and lacked some energy and character. Check out how the room used to look in these two photos. The […]

Barefoot Luxury Design in Costa Rica

Are a true eco-vacation and luxurious, resort-like surroundings mutually exclusive? Not in the world of barefoot luxury design. We are incorporating simple, yet elegant elements to create luxury accommodations with a down to earth feel, stepping away from the over-the-top opulence found in many big-name luxury resorts and instead focusing on simplicity and comfort and […]

Private Residence Remodel in Santa Ana

Creating Connection and Harmony in a Residence Remodel Project The owner of this beautiful condominium located in Río Oro de Santa Ana, wanted to remodel the social areas of her residence. When she contacted me, she did not have an idea of what she really wanted. So after our first meeting, I came up with […]