Architectural Project: Building Renovation

Me taking a break from all the work on the installation day

ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT: SAVING OLD APARTMENTS BUILDINGS What do you do with an old building that’s falling apart? Do you just tear it all down and startover again?While that might seem the simplest solution, it is neither the most economical option nor thebest for the environment.Instead, you can keep what works of the old structure and […]

Kitchen Renovation Residencial Alhambra

I did this kitchen renovation for a lovely, cozy home located in Ciudad Colón. The previous kitchen was 20 plus years old and because the family had grown over the years, it was no longer working for them. Also, they wanted to have something more modern and simple at the same time. Their main issue […]

Home Renovation

This beautiful home located in the foothills of San Antonio de Escazú had a TV room that needed some renovation. The owner of the home called me in to help her brighten up the space. She said she just didn’t know where to start. When it comes to interior design, I love the challenge of […]

Why a Professional Interior Designer is Important

Most people have probably heard of interior decorating. Maybe, if they don’t know what it is, they simply assume that interior decorators are responsible for choosing pleasing colors palettes, arranging furniture and picking out paintings and other wall adornments. Easy peasy, right? But a professional interior designer is much more than that. Then upon hearing […]