Modern Residential Architecture in Costa Rica: A Marvel in the Jungle

Ready for a peek at a wonder of modern residential architecture in Costa Rica? Come with me into the midst of the dense jungles of Manuel Antonio where we will find the marvel that is Casa Beratna.

drone view of casa beratna

The name, which means “brotherhood”, speaks to the idea this home was created to convey. It is a home that spreads joy and “good vibes”  to anyone who visits.

It was conceived as a temple of light in the middle of the dense greenery of the trees. A common characteristic of houses in the jungle is that they tend to be close and dark, but that’s not what I wanted for this jungle home.

Thus, I focused on designing a feat of residential architecture that would bring light into the interior and a sense of expansive space to the residents. And this, despite the home’s relatively small overall footprint.

With its A-line style and modest contemporary design, Casa Beratna brings a freshness and modern feel that breaks the mold in the quiet neighborhood of Valle Pura Vida. The honesty and simplicity of its lines contrast with the blue color of its façade and the warmth of the natural teak wood details.

view of the house from the street

Cool and Comfortable

If you’ve ever spent any time in Manuel Antonio, you know the heat can get intense sometimes, especially in enclosed spaces. Thus, I wanted a piece of residential architecture that would work with the climate, staying relatively cool even without putting the air conditioning on high all the time.
east side view of the house
Casa Beratna Layout design

To this end, the construction is elevated above the street. This not only gives the home a lot of character and presence but also adds an air of mystery and intrigue. It gives the visitor a small sense of perching up in the trees like one of the many beautiful birds of this gorgeous country.

This altitude plays a practical purpose as well as it allows the lazy breeze to run throughout the house. Thanks to this innovative bioclimatic design, the home’s orientation, and cross ventilation inside, the internal space stays relatively cool despite soaring external temperatures.

interior design of casa beratna
In addition to this, the 5.5-meter (18-foot) high ceiling allows warm air to rise out of the living space. This also helps to keep the living area more comfortable and pleasant. Towards the front of the house, there is an elevated terrace, almost at the level of the treetops. It is the perfect place to soak in the vibrant nature and wildlife of this magical place. The resident can sit back and watch the antics of several different species of monkeys. Plus, brilliant scarlet macaws often fly over calling to one another with their distinctive raucous calls.

Flooded with Light

As an architect, it is my opinion that light plays a leading role in any well-designed work of residential architecture in Costa Rica or anywhere. For this project, I specifically designed it to let in the maximum amount of natural light without compromising its functionality. To further this purpose, I used skylights filtered with MDF panels decorated with a custom-made geometric pattern. This allows natural light to flood the interior spaces from above, providing more light than can come sideways through the windows in a jungly area.
kitchen area with a long breakfast bar
cozy social area with neutral colors

The Internal Space

For the interior design, I chose to mix neutral colors with warm textures such as wood, leather, and natural fibers. This juxtaposition creates a modern, fresh, and comfortable environment without losing the warmth that makes this place feel like home. Though not a large house, each room is spacious and light enough to be comfortable without feeling cramped at all. The entrance brings visitors to the center of the home which offers an open space melding the kitchen with a breakfast bar and comfortable sitting area. The house has two bedrooms, one on each side of the central social area, and each has a full bathroom. Like the rest of the house, the rooms feel quite spacious thanks to the double height of the ceiling, which accentuates that expansive feeling. With neutral colors and warm textures, the rooms feel like a sanctuary of calm and peace. This warmly invites the relaxation so necessary for a space where you can rest easy after a long day.
bathroom design with green and white tiles
A Gorgeous Piece of Residential Architecture

All in all, Casa Beratna is a lovely home and a wonderful example of modern residential architecture in Manuel Antonio. Surrounded by the Costa Rican rainforest and cooled by fresh coastal breezes, anyone would find this a wonderful place to relax and enjoy their best life.

Curious to learn more about Casa Beratna? Or perhaps you’re interested in creating your own tropical oasis? Get in touch today to find out how I can help!

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drone view of casa beratna with the sunset behind