The owners of this private villa in Manuel Antonio wanted an interior renovation design for their spaces to make them look more elegant and barefoot luxury style. For that purpose I used neutral color palettes with rich textures to balance the design.

Before the Interior Design Renovation

Let’s talk about how the house used to look before the interior renovation design we made. First of all, the existing furniture was a mix of colors and textures which didn’t make sense together. The wood finish on some of the pieces was too red, and the upholstered sofas lacked some texture. The dining set was for an outdoor space, not appropriate for a main dining room. Also, the terrace furniture was a very outdated rattan set, which did not work with the design of the house.

How the Spaces Improved After the Renovation

For this interior renovation design, the main scheme I used for this project was natural wood finishes with beige and grey as the main fabric colors. And a few accent patterned fabrics to add some dynamism and color to the spaces.

Straight clean lines were my main design feature to create this fresh and contemporary look.

beautiful custom made sofa set for interior renovation design on the terrace

The terrace sofa set was custom design and made for this specific area. It was made with natural teak wood and Sunbrella upholstered cushions. This a very chic and super comfortable set to lounge on and with this view, it’s a win win!

the terrace was fully designed and renovated and the outcome is amazing

We also worked on a couple of furniture pieces the client already had in the house which they wanted to reuse. So I helped them pick neutral and fun fabrics to improve the look of these beautiful pieces. And they came out so nice and perfect for their use. As always, it is important to use all of our resources to their maximum, and reupholstering is always a good idea when it comes to recycling furniture.