final results for the kitchen renovation in this home

I did this kitchen renovation for a lovely, cozy home located in Ciudad Colón. The previous kitchen was 20 plus years old and because the family had grown over the years, it was no longer working for them. Also, they wanted to have something more modern and simple at the same time.

this kitchen was totally renovated with new wall color and cabinets

Their main issue was the counter they had for eating was too small, the whole family didn’t fit. So we added this beautiful rounded counter at table height. This allows for more seating and also makes the new interior design look warmer and more modern — exactly what they wanted.

We also added cabinets made of high quality compressed wood with natural granite top. We extended the upper cabinets all the way to the ceiling to add more cabinet space and to make the kitchen look more modern. Lastly, we changed the wall color to a light gray, to make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Above are some images of how the kitchen used to look before the renovation.

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