The Beauty of Costa Rica Vacation Homes

As the popularity of Costa Rica as a vacation destination continues to grow, so does the market for vacation homes in this beautiful country. For both travelers and investors alike, Costa Rica offers a variety of options in the ever-expanding vacation home market.

For those seeking to invest in a second home, Costa Rica offers the opportunity for a lucrative and enjoyable rental property. Recently, I had the pleasure of working with two clients who were looking to furnish their vacation homes in the Guanacaste area. Both clients were based outside of Costa Rica and entrusted me to provide a turnkey solution for their rental homes. This included everything from furniture and appliances to kitchen supplies and bedding, ensuring that their guests would have a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

guest bedroom view of the twin beds headboard with a morpho butterfly photo on the wall
living room photo with a blue navy sofa, a wall tv, side chair and colorful wall accent art

Despite having a similar request for a modern and bold design, each client had their own unique vision for their homes. As a result, I was able to create two distinct properties, tailored to the individual styles and preferences of the owners. One client, with a background in fishing, wanted to incorporate marine elements into their home, while the other preferred a dramatic navy blue accent wall in the master bedroom. The end results were truly one-of-a-kind, satisfying both clients and reflecting their personal tastes.

master bed with a wood whitewashed finish against a blue navy accent wall
blue whale wall mural in living room

At the end of the day, as an interior designer, my job is to take existing projects and make them better. This is exactly what I have done with these two vacation homes here in Costa Rica, making them stand out in a sea of rental properties in the area. By incorporating unique and personalized elements, I have not only met but exceeded my clients’ expectations. I am proud to say that both homes have been well-received by their owners and are ready to welcome guests looking for a special and unforgettable vacation experience in beautiful Costa Rica. Are you ready to experience it for yourself?

accent chair with artificial plant pot behind
natural wood dresser with yellow accent chair
natural wood dresser and yellow accent chair in afternoon light
guest bedroom bed and window treatments in afternoon soft light

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