For this small beach condo kitchen remodel, the client asked me to update it as it looked “tired” and the color palette used was very dark and made the space look smaller and warmer than it had to be. Here are a few images of how the area used to look.

Remodeling a small condo kitchen is always quite a challenge I love to take. Because the results are much more dramatic. So let’s take a look at what we did.

The Condo Kitchen Remodeling

After studying the actual functionality of the space, the colors and textures already existing. I came up with the proposal of a cooler color palette along with more modern natural wood textures. That would bring the space to a more modern spirit. See for yourself the results, I must say the client was very happy!

What did we do?

To make this condo kitchen remodel we started with painting the walls with a light gray color, to make the space feel cooler and bigger. Also changed the kitchen cabinets, to brand new high quality compressed wood ones. The front doors of the cabinets are real natural wood, with a very light finish, to bring light into the kitchen. We kept the existing granite top as it was still in good shape and there was no need to change it.

It is important to remember to use all of our resources to the maximum in any aspect of our life. And design is no exception, if there are materials or furniture you can recycle, please do. There are always shops where you can have things redone and make them look brand new! This is a very important part of my philosophy as a designer. Let’s create based on sustainable sources!

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