Contemporary Tropical Architecture in Costa Rica

I find the fact that every architect creates and has their own signature design style to be so exciting and challenging. As an architect in Costa Rica, I am working on creating my own signature contemporary tropical architecture style.

Why? Well, first of all, contemporary design is my all-time favorite style. Plus, I work in the tropics, so my designs must respond to their surroundings and it all has to make sense together.

Tropical architecture is a branch of architecture that studies the climate and surroundings of a house in a tropical place. Additionally, the building’s mass can have a significant impact or influence on the environment in tropical surroundings and must be taken into consideration.

The Featured Property

This residential project is located in Manuel Antonio, Quepos. It was designed for a foreigner who likes to come and spend time in Costa Rica with her daughters. What better way to spend that time than by the beach?

The requirements given by the client were very simple. She wanted to have two comfortable bedrooms and two bathrooms — a small holiday house for a small budget. As an architect, it is always important to keep in mind the client’s needs, and never forget the main purpose is to serve and meet the client’s requirements.

The architecture of the house is a mix of contemporary and tropical designs, which makes it so unique and beautiful. Every architect creates their own style, and no two architects will design a project the same way. We each have our own unique vision of the world and this comes out in our work.

Very clean lines and high ceilings are the main features of this design. Also, the oversized deck on the front of the house gives character to the main facade.

rendering for a tropical home design

This house was designed to be built as a light construction. This means that its structure will be built as a steel frame, enclosed with fiber cement paneling on the outside and gypsum on the inside.

All the finishes will follow the contemporary architecture of the house. It will use gray porcelanato as flooring, white kitchen cabinets, light gray wall color, with a little blue grayish accent wall. These colors and accents together create a clean and fresh mood for the house.

Architects in Costa Rica

Overall, I strongly believe that architects here in Costa Rica are doing great work in adapting the new architectural trends to our tropical conditions.

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