Modern Residential Architecture in Costa Rica: A Marvel in the Jungle

Modern Residential Architecture in Costa Rica: A Marvel in the Jungle Ready for a peek at a wonder of modern residential architecture in Costa Rica? Come with me into the midst of the dense jungles of Manuel Antonio where we will find the marvel that is Casa Beratna. The name, which means “brotherhood”, speaks to […]

Furniture Design Project in Uvita

terrace furniture by the pool

Furniture Design Project in Uvita A few months ago, I had the installation for this project a little further south in Uvita. It was a short project, in which my role as a designer was mostly about the design of the furniture. I produced the blueprints for each piece of furniture as the client requested […]

Nature-Inspired Costa Rica Designs

Minimalist wooden lounge chairs poolside

Bring the Rainforest Indoors: Nature-Inspired Costa Rica Designs Nature is a perfect muse, wouldn’t you agree? The colors, the designs, the incredible life that is around us all provide an unending source of  interior design and decor inspiration. Many of my projects can obviously be categorized as nature-inspired interior design in Costa Rica. Can you blame me? […]

Architectural Project: Building Remodel

Me taking a break from all the work on the installation day

ARCHITECTURAL PROJECT: SAVING OLD APARTMENTS BUILDINGS What do you do with an old building that’s falling apart? Do you just tear it all down and startover again?While that might seem the simplest solution, it is neither the most economical option nor thebest for the environment.Instead, you can keep what works of the old structure and […]

Barefoot Luxury Design at the Marina Pez Vela

entrance and front desk of the marina pez vela

Barefoot Luxury Interior Design at Marina Pez Vela Barefoot Luxury Design was the definitively the way to go at the Marina Pez Vela. One of the main tenets of good architecture and interior design is the ability to draw people in. Obviously, for the new visitor center at the world-renowned Pez Vela Marina here in […]

Boldly Natural Interior Design

TV room area design for beach condo in Quepos

Boldly Natural Interior Design It is always my dream to work with natural interior design elements and eco-friendly materials when I do my projects. I firmly believe there is no reason why we can’t build comfortable, even luxurious homes, and still be kind to the Earth. Working with my clients at Casa Hacienda Pacifica gave me […]

Master Bedroom Interior Design Renovation

Master Bedroom Interior Design Renovation In this Master Bedroom Interior Design Renovation, the main request from my client was to bring some life, color, and texture to their bedroom. They felt the room was too flat and lacked some energy and character. Check out how the room used to look in these two photos. The […]

Contemporary Tropical Architecture in Costa Rica

Contemporary Tropical Architecture in Costa Rica I find the fact that every architect creates and has their own signature design style to be so exciting and challenging. As an architect in Costa Rica, I am working on creating my own signature contemporary tropical architecture style. Why? Well, first of all, contemporary design is my all-time […]