Barefoot Luxury Design at the Marina Pez Vela

entrance and front desk of the marina pez vela

One of the main tenets of good architecture and interior design is the ability to draw people in. Obviously, for the new visitor center at the world-renowned Pez Vela Marina here in Quepos, this is desirable. 

The marina wanted something with a barefoot luxury vibe that would draw people in, make them feel welcome, and appreciated. So that’s exactly what I gave them. 

Simple accents for a chic, barefoot luxury design

Calming Color

Since this design is for the Marina’s Visitor Center, it was only natural to stick with the colors of the sea. I chose a gorgeous shade of teal blue for most of the walls with white accents. 

Simple accents for a chic, barefoot luxury design

This shade not only gives a nod to the ocean but also is a pleasant, calming color. Anything on the blue end of the spectrum makes us feel calm and relaxed, which is definitely how the Marina would like guests to feel when they visit!

By choosing a muted shade, I could use the color liberally on the walls, without being overpowering. It’s just enough to give you the sense of floating in the peaceful calm of the sea.

Sportfishing Vibes

By far, the biggest activity at Pez Vela Marina is sportfishing. To showcase this fact, I chose white stencils to accent the teal walls depicting the favorite species of fish that visiting fishermen (and women!) are hoping to catch. 

Can you recognize the mahi-mahi, sailfish, and other species gracing these walls? You can rest assured that excited visitors do!

Barefoot Luxury Vibes

To fit the barefoot luxury vibe I was going for, I choose wooden and white accents for the desk/cash register and product display stands. 

The gorgeous natural tone and grain pattern of the wood awaken the idea of the jungle that awaits just inland from the marina. The white accents are fresh and crisp, giving the design a touch of modern chic that is very relevant to this audience. 

Simple accents for a chic, barefoot luxury design

And don’t miss those ah-maz-ing light fixtures. The texture, color, and interest they add are like the cherry on top of the cake!

Modern design for the front desk at Pez Vela Marina

A Warm Welcome to All

All-in-all, the idea is to make visitors feel calm and welcome when they arrive. I think this design does that perfectly if I do say so myself. Wouldn’t you agree?

Are you interested in creating your own welcoming and comfortable design for your home or business? Contact me and we’ll create something wonderful together! To see more of my work, don’t miss this bold design I did at Casa Hacienda Pacifica.

Modern design for the front desk at Pez Vela Marina

Boldly Natural Interior Design: Casa Hacienda Pacifica

bold dark blue color accent wall in living room

It is always my dream to work with eco-friendly materials when I work with architecture. I firmly believe there is no reason why we can’t build comfortable, even luxurious homes, and still be kind to the Earth. 

Working with my clients at Casa Hacienda Pacifica gave me the opportunity to do just that. From beautiful woods to natural stone, there were plenty of chances to make this home shine with natural brilliance!

Browse these images to see how awesome it turned out!

kitchen and living space natural interior design
view of the kitchen and blue accent wall

Bold Accent Colors

In the sitting area next to the kitchen, I got bold with a mustard yellow couch and complementing dark blue accent wall behind the entertainment center.  Little pops of blue on the pillows and ottoman serve to tie it all together. 

bold mustard yellow couch
dark blue accent wall

In the other living room, I opted to go bold on the ceiling instead. Plain white walls accent a burnished orange ceiling. Again I complemented this palette with pops of blue in the pillows and a dark blue ottoman. 

But I didn’t leave those colors hanging. Notice that some of the bedrooms feature the colors (dark blue and burnished orange) from the living rooms to make the whole look cohesive.

dark blue accent wall in the bedroom

Natural Materials and Textures

I choose wood with exquisite wood grain patterns to use in several rooms throughout the house. Headboards in the bedrooms, a display case/entertainment center in the living room, tables on the patio — even some light fixtures got in on the fun! 

bedroom with natural wood light fixtures

For something a little funky, I even used sticks that kind of look like driftwood to hold up a glass table in the hall. 

I used rocks in an unexpected place to add both interesting textures as well as natural elements. Check out this exquisite coffee table! 

Entertainment center with beautiful wood grain

Of course, when I’m working with natural interior design, I can’t forget to make the jungle a part of the effect. A few well-placed broad-leaf plants add both pops of color and texture as the icing on the cake. 

modern design patio with umbrella for comfort

Simply Luxury in Harmony with Natural Interior Design

There’s no reason why we can’t invite nature into our homes and still enjoy modern luxurious living. The natural interior design here at Casa Hacienda Pacifica is a perfect example of that!

This is just one of the reasons I love interior design and architecture so much — there is so much that you can do with it!

Do you love what you see here? Are you wondering how you could transform your space? Contact me to find out!

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